October 21st, 2017
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Please make sure you read and understand the following guidelines before submitting your website for inclusion in the Smiles directory:

  1. We only list travel related websites and will automatically reject any non-travel links, regardless!!!
  2. Submissions are only reviewed after you have confirmed your email address. If you do not confirm your submission, it will be automatically deleted unsighted after 5 days. Please check your Spam folder.
  3. The title you provide should be the name of your website, not a generic keyword phrase. Keyword phases will be changed.
  4. Please provide a clear description of your website, avoiding excessive use of keywords. We may/may not rewrite badly written or inappropriate descriptions and your acceptance into the directory could be at risk. We suggest that the name of the category you are submitting to should appear in the description of your site, thus proving relevancy.
  5. Only submit links to family-friendly travel content - no adult related websites will be considered for inclusion.
  6. Don't submit your website until it is finished - we won't list you if it's "under construction" or "coming soon".
  7. Your website should have unique content, written in English, and be easy to navigate. An attractive design is not essential, but it's always a nice bonus. Websites with excessive adverts will be rejected.
  8. We reserve the right to reject any website, for any reason, and will not enter into discussions about rejected submissions.
  9. Payment does not guarantee inclusion and all submissions ARE human reviewed and human edited. As long as the above guidelines are followed it is unlikely that a site will be rejected.
  10. The editors decision is final.

Featured Listing

  • US$14.95 refundable review fee
  • The review of your site takes place as a priority, and is usually completed within 2 business days.
  • Link to 5 additional internal pages of your site (must be permanent pages accessible from your homepage). Keywords encouraged and permitted.
  • Your listing will appear above all regular listings in this category.
  • You can add a RSS feed.

Regular Listing

  • US$8.95 refundable review fee
  • The review of your site takes place as a priority, and is usually completed within 2 business days.

By submitting your website to this directory you agree to the above terms and conditions. By agreeing to the above terms and conditions you are guaranteeing that Vacation and Tourism Directory will maintain its quality and remain a "good neighbourhood".